Purple Flannel Texture Print Special Needs Child Size Bandana Bib Australian Made


Purple Flannel Texture Print Child Size Special Needs Bandana Bib, adjustable fits approx size 5-10. Machine Washable, Australian Made, Cotton, Bamboo and PUL.

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This Special Needs Bandana Bib is perfect for Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs children who need a clothing protector, dignity or dribble bib.

Lovely soft brushed cotton, would compliment warm purple, red and magenta tones beautifully.

Made to protect the user’s clothing and keep them dry so you only need to change the bib instead of going through the hassle of undressing and redressing several times a day.

Our Cotton “Purple Flannel Texture Print” Bibs are made with 3 distinct Layers:

  1. Upper cotton fabric is durable, breathable and cool so it wont irritate the wearer’s skin.
  2. The absorbent inner core is Organic Bamboo Terry which is naturally absorbent and antibacterial.
  3. The lower layer is a soft waterproof Polyurethane Laminate Fabric which should rest on the wearer’s clothing, keeping them nice and dry.

We have carefully prewashed the natural fabrics in a hot load to prevent it running or shrinking in future washes, and our bibs are made to be really durable to withstand being washed everyday to keep them fresh.

We recommend using a cold machine wash, and line drying in the shade to preserve the bright colours, and save on energy, but they can be washed in a warm or hot load and popped in the dryer on warm if necessary.

Carefully designed to be adjustable with 3 evenly spaced snaps across the back of the bib, they can be adjusted to fit a small child all the way up to a slight teenager, or small adult.

These bandana bibs are designed to cover mostly the under chin area, and are purposely narrower around the back of the neck to avoid any unnecessary warmth in our hot climate.

We have made up one sample initially but there is enough fabric to make a few more once this one sells.

Proudly designed and made both ethically and professionally right here in Qld, our machinists love what they do and get paid a living wage.

We have priced them at wholesale, cost price to cover materials, labour and a small amount for overheads but they are largely a labour of love, so please do not ask for a discount off the bibs, however we are always happy to do up bulk orders to save on shipping.

With that in mind we have also partnered with Zip Pay on orders we can ship straight away so you can order now and pay them off at your leisure, should you not be eligible to get them paid for by the NDIS.

We are always happy to work with clients to make up an order, and send the invoice through to their NDIS fund manager for payment, but no stock leaves the premises until the order is paid in full.

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